Roosevelt Custer Regional Council serves an eight-county area in North Dakota known as Region VIII. Roosevelt Custer Regional Council exists in order to better coordinate and facilitate the provision of economic and social opportunities for residents within Region VIII. The council works with organized city and county governments and economic development professionals to provide financial and planning resources for economic, infrastructure and housing development. In addition the council is often called upon either to provide or to arrange for the provision of those services that other public organizations do not provide.


On September 18th, 1969, executive order No. 49 was made establishing eight economic regions in North Dakota.


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On September 18th, 1969, executive order No. 49 was made establishing eight economic regions in North Dakota. The goal of this was to improve economic conditions for state and local governments through regional grouping of counties. Region VIII was established under this order, including the counties of Adams, Billings, Bowman, Dunn, Golden Valley, Hettinger, Slope, and Stark.


In 1973 the RCRC was established as we know it today. The board was to be made up of county commissioners and soil conservation representatives from each county.


In summer of 2022 RCRC joined with Bowman County Development Corporation to continue to offer programs to the community and address the region’s need. With this new partnership the office of RCRC moved to Bowman, ND.


Teran Doerr
Executive Director

Teran has been in economic development for 14 years and the Executive Director of Bowman County Development Corporation for 10. In her tenure she has implemented numerous business incentives and is apt in dealing with businesses and grants. Her experience translates well into the mission of Roosevelt Custer Regional Council.

Shannon Ellig
Council Administrator

Shannon has a year of experience in federal programs. She is skilled in client relations and customer service. Shannon will be the main liaison for Roosevelt Custer as we serve our eight-county region and build relationships with commissioners, county personnel, economic development directors, and regional lenders.

Shelby Kinkade
Finance Coordinator

Shelby has been in economic development and the financial sector for eight years. Shelby plays a crucial role in Roosevelt Custer’s financial operations.

Brooklyn Engelhart
Marketing Coordinator

Brooklyn has been in economic development, community development, and tourism for five years. She is skilled in graphic design, public relations, and social media. Brooklyn will build key communication pieces to share the opportunities available through Roosevelt Custer with the region.

Board of Directors

Officers and Executive Committee
Josh Buchmann – Chairman
Troy Mosbrucker – Vice Chairman
Devan Laufer – Secretary
Anthony Larson – Treasurer
Dean Franchuk – Past Chairman


Steve Klym
Roy Farstveet
Todd Corneil
Lyn James
Greg Nordsven
Tom Marman
Dennis Rice
Robert Baer
Casey Fredericks

Ryan Jilek

Dean Baar

Andrew Sampsel

Stuart Nielsen

Robert Kleeman

Agendas and Minutes

According to North Dakota’s “Sunshine Laws”, all non-profit organization are required to have records and meetings open to the public. Anyone has the right to attend meetings of a public entity or to access and obtain copies of the entity’s records, regardless of where they live.


Open Records & Meetings | Attorney General (nd.gov)


August 10th, 2023, Executive Agenda and Minutes

July 6th, 2023, Agenda and Minutes

June 15th, 2023, Executive Agenda and Minutes
March 30th, 2023, Agenda and Minutes
January 19th, 2023, Annual Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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